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Every Audi needs the perfect pair of tires. Matching the tire to the top speed and loading requirement of your vehicle will ensure enhanced traction, handling and safety. When your vehicle isn’t fitted with the proper tires, performance suffers, reducing traction, handling and control. To ensure your Audi is equipped with the right tires, your Audi dealer can help provide you with the proper recommendation that meets your Audi’s needs perfectly.

Winter tires versus all‑season tires.

winter tires versus all-season tires
Tire types



Best in winter, fair in spring and fall (but tread wear increases), poor in summer.
A three-peaked mountain snowflake symbol is placed on all winter tires that achieve performance-based standards.



Fair in spring, summer and fall, less satisfactory in colder conditions (7°C or colder) (Russell 2011).



Best for summer, fair in spring and fall, poor in winter.

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Putting winter tires to the test.

winter tires versus all-season tires
How much do you know about winter tires?
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