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The 2019 Audi A8

The 2020 Audi S8

Equal parts business and pleasure.

Work hard, drive hard in the all-new Audi S8. Delivering the luxury of a private jet, with the thrust to match, the S8 delivers business and pleasure in equal measure.


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Mild Hybrid






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The dawn of a new era.

Suit up.

The ultimate professional. The S8 takes the elegant presence of the A8 and adds a discreet dose of muscle by adding the traditional S cues.

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The 2019 Audi S8
The luxury revolution.

Take a seat.

Before pressing the start button, take a moment to relish in the luxurious cabin of the S8. Sculpted from the finest materials, perfectly integrating cutting edge technology with discreetly sporty touches.

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2020 S8
The future is here.

Touch on many subjects.

The user-friendly interface of MMI touch response allows for access to an array of infotainment features such as your playlists or favorite stations, text messages, navigation and phone calls.

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2020 S8
The future is here.

Put infrared, Helping keep choas at a distance.

The sophisticated Driver Assistance systems in the Audi S8 utilizes advance technologies such as an infrared camera and sonar that can help add confidence to your drive.

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Express your true self.

With a variety of endless possibilities to tailor your Audi to your needs and tastes, Audi Accessories can create an Audi as unique as you are.

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Design is in the details. Explore the 2020 S8 in the extended gallery.

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Build your custom S8.

Create an Audi that’s as unique as you are. View available options and build a model to your exact specifications.

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